Skyhigh Networks: Cloud Security Software


For better or worse, richer or poorer, through sickness and in health, cloud is here to stay. I’m not speaking about the nebulous cloud that’s hard to quantify.  I’m talking about real cloud services: Dropbox, G-mail, Salesforce, and the like. And why not? Even here at AHEAD we see significant value in cloud-based services: reduction in capital expense and reducing the operational costs by eliminating services that are difficult to support like e-mail and ERP.  Skyhigh understands this and at the AHEAD Tech Summit broke all the rules by presenting a live demonstration.

Skyhigh uses a three-phase approach to help secure your cloud usage: Discover – Analyze – Secure.

Their user interface is very nicely laid out, with some simple graphics to provide a visual context.

Skyhigh will inventory well over 1,000 various cloud services–rating them red, yellow, green, based on service and security context. You can see graphs of how many users are using these cloud services and how many users have been blocked or have been successful in their access to cloud services. There is both per user and department reporting for granular management.

For the security team there are filters and rules that can trigger events that can be forwarded to your SEIM solution. For companies that do allow services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and the like Skyhigh can secure the traffic by encrypting it in flight. For the IT strategy team that is security focused, but also wants to adopt cloud technologies, Skyhigh could be a valuable arrow in your IT quiver.


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