Learning PowerShell – Homework Twelve


PowerShell Homework Twelve

By: Steven Aiello

Answer the questions as best as possible in your own words. By answering the question in your own words you will learn more than simply repeating what you’ve heard. You are encouraged to visit the source links in the lessons to do more research on the subject.

Remember the point of the homework is not simply to finish, but to learn!

1. Why did we have to use the Import-Module ServerManager command?

2. Is the way we left our SMTP server in the lesson an acceptable way to configure a production SMTP relay? Why or why not?

3. What was the command that we used to send e-mail and why is this such a powerful feature of PowerShell?

4. What are some free (legal) ways that you can access a Windows server?

5. Did you sign up for DreamSpark if you’re a student? (I know this isn’t really a hard question but I would recommend you do if you can!)


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