Learning PowerShell – Homework Five Answers


PowerShell Homework Five

By: Steven Aiello

Answer the questions as best as possible in your own words. By answering the question in your own words you will learn more than simply repeating what you’ve heard. You are encouraged to visit the source links in the lessons to do more research on the subject.

Remember the point of the homework is not simply to finish, but to learn!

1. What is the name of the scripting environment Microsoft provides for PowerShell?

The scripting environment that Microsoft provides for PowerShell is called PowerShell ISE

2. What are the main differences between the scripting environment from question one and the normal PowerShell command prompt?

PowerShell ISE can safe files so they can be used later, also you can tab completion, and color coding for the script code.

3. Write an example of a variable that you can think of


4. There are three main variables that we will be looking at as we write more scripts what are those variables and what do they mean (Google it)

String, bool, int

5. What is the character that you use to denote something is a variable?


6. What is the command which writes data to the screen?


7. How do you assign a value to a variable?

$VARIABLE = “text”

8. Why is it important to be careful with your quotes when using variables?

You have to be careful with quotes because if you need to use quotes inside a string they can’t be the same set of quotes on the outside of the string.


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