Learning PowerShell – Homework Four


PowerShell Homework Four

By: Steven Aiello

Answer the questions as best as possible in your own words. By answering the question in your own words you will learn more than simply repeating what you’ve heard. You are encouraged to visit the source links in the lessons to do more research on the subject.

Remember the point of the homework is not simply to finish, but to learn!

1. What is a pipe in relation to PowerShell and how is it used?

2. If you wanted to find out all the information that’s available from a command even if it’s not listed by default on the screen what two methods could you use?

3. If you wanted to save a result of the PowerShell Get-Process command to the file “saveme.csv” in your My Documents folder what command would you use

4. What command would you use to select only the display name for your system services in PowerShell

5. What command would you use to select all information about the process named svchost?

6. What does the “$_.” symbol stand for in PowerShell?



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